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       Upcoming Test Sessions:     

In Person: Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

*****Registration deadline for the July 9th test session is Tuesday, June 25th @ 11:59pm..

Virtual:  Monthly

*****Upon registration for virtual tests, instructions will be provided on when and how to submit your tests.

2024 In-Person Test Session Dates:

August 21, 2024

********** Registration deadlines for in-person testing are three weeks prior to the test session.  If you experience any difficulty registering for the test, you MUST notify the test chair PRIOR to the deadline or a late fee will be incurred, no exceptions.************

Test Chair emails:



Test Chair cells: Lisa Gentile: 856-366-7029

                          Rebecca Witko: 314-686-1427


Must register for virtual tests and protocols as you would for a regular test session in the correct session area only.  

The cost is the regular test fee minus the ice fee.

*Coaches please be sure your skater registers for the correct test. 

**Any changes made (if possible) after registration closing will incur a $10 fee.


Membership Categories    2023-2024

Individual Membership 18+   $140.00

Family Membership $220-$370     (2-5 people, range in pricing)

Family of 2 - $220.00

Family of 3 - $270.00

Family of 4 - $320.00

Family of 5 - $370.00

Non-Representing Membership $140.00

Additional Member $80.00


Introductory Member 18+         $120.00

Introductory Family Memberships (2-5 people, range in pricing)   $180 - $370

Family of 2 w/Intro Member  $180.00

Family of 3 w/Intro Member  $230.00

Family of 4 w/Intro Member  $280.00

Family of 5 w/Intro Member  $370.00

 An Introductory Member is a NEW member that has never had a   U.S. Figure Skating membership.

A first time U.S. Figure Skating membership will be discounted $20.00 (applies to one skater per family).

Learn to Skate skaters, joining the club should apply for an Introductory Membership.

Reminder: When applying for or renewing all memberships, please note that any individual that is 17 & under MUST have a parent or guardian join with them.


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