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Special Notice: All memberships have to be manually processed before they are effective in US Figure Skating.  They are processed in bulk once a week.  If you need quick processing you must email the request to and the Membership Chair will process it as soon as they can.


2022-2023 Membership Information

** New Season begins on July 1, 2022

All US Figure Skating Memberships run from July 1 - June 30 each year.

The new skating season begins July 1, 2022.  Members must renew t membership by July 1, 2022 if you plan to test, compete or need a competition application certification letter for any events after June 30, 2022.

PSC offers several membership levels.  Parents are encouraged to join US Figure Skating to enhance the club’s voting opportunities and voice at the annual Governing Council Meeting and other important US Figure Skating events. Skaters under 18 years of age are strongly encouraged to have at least one parent join to represent them as part of the Safe Sport program and as a voting member of the club. 

US Figure Skating may require team parents or members participating in certain activities to have Safe Sport certification, which will also require US Figure Skating membership.  If you think you will be required to have Safe Sport certification, we recommend joining now to prevent delays in certification.

If you have questions regarding membership or the use of EntryEeze, please contact the Membership Chair at

Note: If the skater has never been a member of US Figure Skating, they are eligible to join as an Introductory member for their first skating year. Skaters may compete and test as an Introductory member.



Members needing the following contact the Membership Chair at

  • Permission Letters
  • Membership renewed for current season in May or June
  • Issues logging in or renewing membership
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