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The following policies apply to both new and current members of the St. Paul Figure Skating Club:

1.  MUST purchase a membership before able to purchase ice

2.   Make certain you have purchased the correct membership.  If you have NOT passed the Pre Preliminary tests you must remain a Junior Member.  The system validates this.  

3.  You may purchase sessions up to 8 pm the day prior.   ALL skaters on the ice MUST have an active USFS membership and must be in good standing with the SPFSC.

Email icemonitor@stpaulfsc.com   any questions or concerns.


  • It is important that you REVIEW all information to ensure your email, correct coach , etc. 
  • All communications will be via email so it is essential that your information is correct
  • Senior Club members are defined as having  PASSED THE PRE PRELIMINARY MIF test, 
  • Junior Club members are defined as NOT HAVING PASSED THE PRE PRELIMINARY MIF test.  

Purchase by SESSION(s):

  • All purchases must be paid in full at purchase
  • Session purchases are NOT eligible for the installment plan
  • The cost per session is more expensive
  • Session purchases MUST BE MADE no later than 8 pm the night before the requested session - no same day ice purchases will be allowed.

Fall Contract:  September 6, December 3, 2022

NO ICE:  November 24th and November 26th

NON Peak Ice:  7:00-3:15 pm, Monday thru Friday

Peak Ice:  3:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Mondays

                  3:30 - 6:30 pm, Tuesday thru Friday

                  8:00 - 12:45 pm, Saturdays

ICE Packages and Sessions from 3:30-4:30 pm are only open to skaters who have passed their Pre Pre Moves test.

In the event we reach capacity on any session, skaters who purchase PACKAGES will be guaranteed access.

NOTE:  All installment payments and cart balances must be paid in

ON ICE Classes

   .    On Ice classes are held                    during regular club ice. 

    .    To participate in any of the               on ice classes the skater                 must purchase the club ice               contract or session.

    .    The skater will be charged                coach fees separately.  

    .     Check the description of                contract or session for                      details relating to the on ice              class

Overdue Installment Payments

Since implementing Entryeeze a year ago, we have noticed some challenges with past due installment payments.  Beyond the overdue payment, unpaid installments cause confusion when they overlap with signup for the next season. 

Therefore, we will begin manually submitting installements for payment when they are five days or more past due.  Please reach out to icemonitor@stpaulfsc.com  with questions.


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