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Upcoming test dates 
(may change due to judge/ice availability)

Virtual Test Session for August

Sign up by August 11
Video Due August 12
Tests record August 17

The Cube - Santa Clarita 

Tests can be arranged during either of our upcoming competitions-

Southern California Open (NQS) August 18-21
National Solo Dance Final - September 7-10

Contact Test Chair for details - annmjensen@aol.com

Club Ice

Note: Skaters and Coaches must be home or "2nd club" members for the current season to use Club Ice.There are no refunds for 2nd club membership. Club Ice will be held in the future at The Cube - Beginning after our competitions finish up in the fall. 


How Club Ice works:

Login, then choose "Contract Ice" to purchase.

This is a two step process:

  • 1) Purchase a "package" - this is a set of 1 ,3 or 5 credits for Club Ice. Currently only the single and 5 session passes are on sale
  • 2) Select a session from the list; a credit will be removed from your "package".
  • The next time you want to skate club ice, if you purchased more than 1 credit, you can go directly to selecting your session.


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Club Web Site:

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Virtual Test Information

Affidavit for Virtual Test Submission:



USFS Rulebook - Rules for recording Video for Virtual Test:

In order to guarantee the integrity of the virtual test environment, candidates must confirm a proctor for their performance.
The proctor must be an impartial person of authority (i.e., test chair, rink management, skating school director, board member or local skating official) but may NOT be a coach/choreographer who has worked with the candidate, a training mate who takes from the same coach or is a personal friend of the candidate, or a parent/
guardian of the athlete or any training mates.
The videographer may also serve as the proctor if they meet the requirements in (a).
Proctors must watch the test performance, verify that the full performance was completed on the date and time indicated in the athlete's recording as a single continuous recording, and complete the performance affidavit.

Prior to the candidate starting the test, the videographer will announce the test candidate's name, home club name and
test name. A date and time stamp must be shown at the beginning of the video by holding up a mobile device in front of the camera that shows the date and time.

A performance affidavit stating that the video is in its original format and has not been altered in any way must be signed by the candidate, the candidate's coach, the videographer, and the test proctor, and must accompany the video submission. If the candidate does not have a coach. the performance affidavit mav be submitted without a coach's
The video, performance affidavit and applicable payment must be submitted to the test chair hosting the virtual test
Virtual tests should be recorded with no more than eight other skaters on the ice, and the test candidate should be
clearlv identifia&a

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