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We are now accepting new applications and renewals for the 2017-18 membership year.  Your membership will be valid for 1 year from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

When renewing or appling for new membership you MUST  print,  fill out, sign and return the medical waiver in the following link http://palmettoskateclub.com/club-medical-waiver/ . You will  NOT be offically registered with USFS and therefore you CANNOT  test, compete or participate in shows without this waiver signed and returned.  Once it is filled out and signed, it can be returned to a board member  or emailed to membershipchair@palmettoskateclub.com

Volunteer Hours: To record Volunteer Hours, click on the Volunteer tab and then click on Volunteer Hours. Don't forget, if you do not have 10 volunteers hours for the year, you will be charged an extra $50 for next years membership. Hours  must be logged in Entryeeze to be counted.

Current members of PSC: You should have received an email from EntryEeze prompting you to renew.  If you did not receive an email that means we do not have your current email address in our system and you will need to update your email address.

New members of PSC:  Please select “Apply for membership” to begin the new membership process.


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Purchase Club Jacket

Members of the Palmetto Skate Club may purchase customized jackets.

Palmetto Skate Club jackets will have 3 order times throughout the year. March 1-15, July 1-15 & November 1-15.  Click on the Merchandise tab to order your club jacket.



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