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Registration is now open for our August 2021 Virtual Test session!

Registration is open to members and non-members.  Registration deadline is 8/2/21 and video submission deadline is 8/6/21.  Results will be given by 8/16/21.

For video instructions, click here: http://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/AdFiles/Virtual Testing Video Requirements111.pdf

All skaters must submit an affidavit with their video.  Please find the affdavit form here: http://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/AdFiles/Affidavit%20for%20Virtual%20Test%20Submission1.pdf

Note that athletes must confirm a proctor for their performance. The proctor must be an impartial person of authority (i.e., rink management, skating school director or local skating official) but may NOT be a coach/choreographer who has worked with the athlete, training mate or a parent/guardian (of the athlete or any training mates). Athletes are responsible for choosing the proctor and setting up the logistics. Proctors must watch the program performance, verify that the full performance was completed on the date and time indicated in the athlete’s recording and complete the Performance Affidavit, verify that the submitted video was executed in one continuous videotaped sitting without stopping, and verify that the submitted video has not been altered and is the stated performance.

If you have any questions, please reach out to info@skatescsc.com.





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