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McCall Figure Skating Club Skater Code of Conduct

McCall Figure Skating Club (MFSC) is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for members’ physical, emotional and social development and ensuring that it promotes an environment free of misconduct. This Skater Code of Conduct has been established to ensure the safety of all members using our ice to ensure quality practice time for all home club, associate, non-members and guests who purchase ice from the club and who participate in all club-related activities.

All skaters, regardless of whether they hold home club, associate, non-member or guest status must follow and uphold the tenets in this Skater Code of Conduct regarding behavior on and off the ice. All club members are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and be courteous toward their fellow skaters, coaches, parents of skaters, U.S. Figure Skating officials and guests. 

Our club is committed to promoting a positive and friendly environment for all skaters. Remember ‘The Golden Rule’ —treat other people like you want to be treated—with respect. Unsafe or discourteous behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.


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McCall Figure Skating Club  Skater Code of Conduct for        Ice Etiquette and Safety        

While in lesson or practice, it is the skater’s responsibility to always be conscientious and aware of other skaters around them.

Skaters must skate with the flow of other skaters and familiarize themselves with the most common areas used areas for jumps and spins.

The only time a skater has the SOLE right of way is when they are skating their program to music. When you hear another member’s music, please extend that person the courtesy and move out of their path momentarily. This only takes a moment and you will enjoy the same courtesy while you are performing your program.

Advanced skaters are expected to exhibit patience toward beginner members of the club. Remember, you were an inexperienced skater once, and it takes time for our future generation to advance to the point where they are completely comfortable skating with all levels of skaters.

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to download the complete rules for McCall Figure Skating Club Ice and Free Skating Safety Etiquette.

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