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Virtual Test Session 

Dec. 17 submissions due Dec. 16 @11:59pm

Open now!

Important: You must include both forms below with your video test submission. 

Keep in mind that judges have several days after the test date to return results to us. Please be patient. As it most often happens, if we receive results earlier than that we will immediately send them to coaches.

1. Instructions for video submission 

2. Performance Affidavit form

3. Name and Likeness Consent form 

Submit shared Virtual Test Video Link & Affidavit and Consent forms to Support@Forestwoodskatingclub.com

Virtual Test Permission forms obtained from your home club should be uploaded in your entryeeze account, or emailed to Jodihiggins@hotmail.com

Virtual test FAQ 

Visit our Website for all the details.

Additional Information

5000 Forestwood Drive

Parma Ohio, 44134

View the Combined Report of Action that includes all of the rule changes for the 21-22 season. 

Important Updates:

14 Day Retry Rule Applies:

The following tests, when marked “retry,” may not be retaken prior to the 13th day following the date of the original test. Example: A test taken on May 1 and marked “retry” may not be retaken before May 14, 14th being the 13th day following the date of the original test.

1. All moves in the field tests

2. Freeskte Tests- Pre-juvenile, preliminary, pre-preliminary, adult bronze, adult pre-bronze.

3. All partnered pattern dance tests

4. All solo pattern and free dance tests

5. All adult pair tests

6. Adult partnered free dance tests

7. All figure tests

1 Day Retry Rule Applies:

There will be no waiting period for standard free skate, pair, or partnered free dance tests marked “retry” at the juvenile level or higher, or adult free skate tests at the silver level or higher. Tests may only be taken one time per calendar day.

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