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SC of Morris, NJ Presents 2017 Grassroots to Champions Seminar
Morristown, NJ
Saturday, July 29 - Sunday, July 30, 2017
Entry deadline:
Sat, Jul 15, 2017
11:59 PM (US/Eastern)
SC of Morris, NJ 2017 Grassroots to Champions Seminar
Entry deadline has expired
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Seminar Saturday

Private Lessons for Seminar Participants Sunday


To sign up for a private lesson, please select a "Practice Ice" session with your entry and then answer the question before paying as to what your order of preference (1-3) would be for the coach that you want TO TEACH the lesson

Entry deadline has expired
The chairperson for 2017 Grassroots to Champions Seminar has not yet posted a schedule.
To inquire about the schedule, or for questions about the competition, please send a message to Katherine Roekaert:

213 507 3040
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Audrey Weisinger, Nick Perna and Anna Matuszewski

The Grassroots to Champions mission is to provide athletes with proven techniques, the latest technology and training perspectives to maximize their potential—both in sports and life. 

The focus is on teaching figure skaters how to develop into championshipcaliber competitors.



*  Jumps - singles, doubles,               triples & quads

*  Off-ice jumping for correct air         position.

* Correct take-off prints &                  landings.

*  Alignment of body position

*  How to prepare for competition

*  Conditioning the body for               skating at the elite level

*  How Dartfish can speed the           learning process

*  How to create the "total                   package"

*  Choreography