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We hope you enjoy this new Membership Application and Renewal System. It will drastically cut down the amount of time that skaters, parents and board members spend on filling out forms and then inputting information.
1 -- The deadline for renewals of current memberships is July 1, 2013. After that time, your membership from 2012-2013 is no longer valid and you will not have GCRD Freestyle or GFSC Testing/Competition privileges until you renew.
2 -- If you are joining after September, some of the membership dues are prorated. Please contact Stanley to see what the dues will be for the remainder of the year before applying online. No member is allowed to prorate their dues more than one time in their affiliation with GFSC.
3 -- For all members under 18, a parent must also join. (As a Full Parent for Full Skating Members and as A Junior Parent for Junior Members)
4 -- US Figure Skating Parents Code of Conduct: Please read this attachment before applying since you are agreeing to it as part of the waiver.
5 -- To be eligible for nomination to an at-large Board position, a member must have been a member in good standing for a full year and a member for a least six months (since January 1) in one of the following categories: Full Skating, Full Parent, or Adult.

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