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U. S. Figure Skating and Yarmouth Ice Club memberships must be renewed by July 1st, 2019.  Please find attached all of the information that you will need to either join Yarmouth Ice Club or renew your membership with us for 2019/2020. 


The Yarmouth Ice Club utilizes Entryeeze to process and track club memberships.  

  • If you are renewing your membership, enter your User Name and PIN to access and update your record.  
  • NEW members will need to create a User Name and PIN.  
  • Parent/Guardian Memberships are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE if your child is a MINOR.  You will be prompted to input/update membership information for both the parent/guardian and minor child.


The Yarmouth Ice Club encourages ALL members to volunteer to support our club events.  Proceeds from events help support our club activities year to year.  The following membership categories have a MINIMUM number or volunteer hours per year.

Family Membership/$150.00 per year - 15 hours per skater included in the family with a maximum of 30 hours per family per year

Single Membership/$150.00 per year - 15 hours per year

Adult Membership/$75.00 per year- 10 hours per year

Junior Membership/$75.00 - 10 hours per year


This year, the Yarmouth Ice Club is establishing a club Activity Fee.  The Activity Fee will only be collected from the member if he/she does not meet the minimum number or volunteer hours required for their membership category.  Ben Anderson is our volunteer coordinator and will share information about volunteer opportunities and the tracking process.  He will keep you informed of the hours you have met and those remaining so that you are able to achieve the minimum number per year. If you do not meet those hours or prefer not to volunteer, the fee will be assessed.


After completing/updating your membership information, you will be directed to several additional pages that require your attention.  These pages require an electronic signature and include 

  • Code of Conduct
  • General Club Rules
  • Skater Code of Conduct 
  • SafeSport Agreement

We ask that you review these documents carefully and, if your child is a minor, discuss the documents with your child.  By signing the documents, you and your minor child agree to abide by the rules and code of conduct.  

Review the membership categories and select the one that is best for you, your skater or family.  Contact the Yarmouth Ice Club Membership Chair, Lee Murra

Additional Information


Membership Information

Please follow the link below for detailed information about the Yarmouth Ice Club membership.

Contact Lee Murray at leemurray644@comcast.net or Kara Moss at kmoss713@gmail.com with questions.

Thank you!

http://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/AdFiles/2019-2020 YIC Member Info.pdf

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