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To apply for a test, click on the 'non-member' blue button at the upper left corner of this screen.  Even if you have an Entry-eeze account or are a club member registered through Entry-eeze, nobody is a 'member' for test application purpses so everyone must use the 'non-member' button.  Select your desired test session.  Then select the test or tests you wish to take at that session, including the button for standard, adult (you must be >25), or masters (>50).  Fill out your personal and payment information and submit it.

For 2017, all test sessions other than the August 28th session are limited to 2 hours.  If there isn't enough time for all test applicants the test session will not be extended.  Skaters will be bumped to the next available test session in the local area and will be notified by the Test Chair regarding their schedule change.  The Test Chair will make the changes and the test applicant will not need to re-apply for the new test session.  The bumped skater may request being assigned to any future test session or ask for a refund.  Scheduling priority will generally be given the the earliest applicants.  With the liklihood of more skaters getting bumped, some may be given the option by the Test Chair of showing up at the end of the schedule and may test if there is time in the session, and if not they will be bumped.  

2017 test fee increases--  Three of the moves test fees increased by $5 from the 2016 fee schedule:  Preliminary, Juvenile, and Adult Pre-Bronze.  All other test fees are the same as in 2016.  

Skaters that are not regular or associate members of an Oregon Skating Council club will be charged an extra $25 for any combination of tests for a single session.  This $25 fee should be made out to the host skating club name in full and mailed to the test ch

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2017 Test Schedule and Application

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