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Twin City Figure Skating Association
Bloomington, MN Presents 2018 TCFSA Open Thursday, August 16 - Saturday, August 18, 2018
Entry deadline:
Sun, Jul 8, 2018
10:00 PM (US/Central)
Twin City Figure Skating Association 2018 TCFSA Open
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Friday Practice Ice

Can be purchased at
Registration Desk.

 5:30-5:50 pm Pre-Pre & Pre 5:50-6:10 pm Pre-Pre & Pre 6:10-6:30 pm Pre-Juv & Juv

 6:45-7:05 pm Pre-Juv & Juv
 7:05-7:25 pm Pre-Juv & Juv
 7:25-7:45 pm Int/Nov

 8:00-8:20 pm Int/Nov
 8:20-8:40 pm Sr & Jr
 8:40-9:00 PM Sr & Jr

Sat. Warm-up Ice

Can be Purchased at Registraiton Desk.

 7:20-7:40 am Sr & Jr Ladies
 7:40-8:00 am Juv. Ladies

 8:15-8:35 am Pre. Girls
 8:35-8:55 am Pre-Pre Girls
 8:55-9:15 am Nov Ladies

 9:30-9:50 am
            Int. Ladies(1-6)
 9:50-10:10 am
            Int. Ladies (7-12)
10:10-10:30 am
            Pre-Juv Ladies






















Skaters Coaches Administrators

**TCFSA Open**

Open for registration

until Wednesday 7/11 @ 10:00 pm

Because of an error in the annocement , that stated skaters could not skate up and what the qualifications state from USFSA, we are opening the competition up for those skaters who would like to sign up.

DEADLINE 7/11/18 @ 10 pm


Registration at Arena

Skaters are NOT registered until their music has been urned in at the registration desk and YOU WILL NOT
be allowed on pracice ice until you are officially registered.