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William L Chase Arena
Natick, MA Presents 2022 Natick Annual ISI Competition Sunday, March 13, 2022
Entry deadline:
Thu, Feb 17, 2022
10:00 PM (US/Eastern)
William L Chase Arena 2022 Natick Annual ISI Competition
Entry deadline has expired
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competition announcement:

Registration for this event has closed.

As the packet, this announcement page and the ISI District 1 website all indicated, this event's registration would close when registration met capacity or 2/22 - whichever came first. In this instance, the competition reached capacity first. Should any competitors withdraw, we have organized a waitlist. Click below to access it:


For the schedule and other information, please visit the ISI District 1 website



To register, you will need to use your ISI number and your ISI password.  Your ISI password (if you have not changed it recently) is your ISI number then the first 3 characters of your last name with the first character capitalized.

You may opt to reset your password if you are not able to log in from the login screen itself via the "help" button.

Entry deadline has expired
The chairperson for 2022 Natick Annual ISI Competition has not yet posted a schedule.
To inquire about the schedule, or for questions about the competition, please send a message to Alane Swiderski:

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Skaters Coaches Administrators

Skaters who registered for this event were allowed to skate in up to two (2) events and chose from the following:

  • Freestyle

  • Open Freestyle

  • Artistic

  • Spotlight

  • Solo Compulsory

  • Footwork

  • Couples

  • Couples Spotlight