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Peaks Figure Skating Club
Provo, UT Presents 2019 Reach for the Peaks Compete USA Competition Saturday, April 13, 2019
Entry deadline:
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
11:59 PM (US/Mountain)
Peaks Figure Skating Club 2019 Reach for the Peaks Compete USA Competition
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competition announcement:


Flowers will be available for pre-order. A single rose with greenery and plastic wrap. It will be ready at the competition for you to pick up and give to your skater. There will be some available the day of the competition but order yours now to get the discount and guaranteed availability.

Deadline: Sun. April 7th, 2019


To Purchase Flowers, Photography or Caramel Apples:

Log into your account (click on "Skaters & Parents." Then use the skater's USFSA number and PIN.) Click on "Competition." Click on "Merchandise" from the drop down menu.



Please bring 2 CD's of your music. One to turn in at the registration desk, one as a back up. 


Safe Sport Compliance

Wtih the new Safe Sport regulations, anyone wishing to use a locker room to help their skater change costumes or do hair must be Safe Sport Compliant.  Alternatively, there are restrooms available at the rink.

Credentials will be verified through US Figure Skating.

If you wish to become Safe Sport Compliant, please register here: 

Skaters Coaches Administrators

Photography Available

We are pleased to announce photography by Marina Saldana.

Pre-Orders only.

First Event options:

$35.00 for 10 digital images OR $50.00 for 20 digital images.

To add a 2nd, 3rd or 4th event:

2nd event is an additional $20.00 and includes 10 images. 

3rd and/or 4th events are an additional $15.00 and includes 10 images. 

*All packages include the Print Release. 

The images and print releases will be delivered via Dropbox.

*Be aware that skater’s level will affect how many photos are unique, i.e. Snowplow Sam will have more similar looking photos vs. Freestyle 1 which will have more diverse photos. 

Deadline: Sun. April 7th, 2019

Parents will be allowed to take their own personal photos of skaters on the podium. 


Zapplz - Carmel Apples

Available for Pre-Order - $6.50

Day of Event - $7.00

Apple Pie Flavor & Smooth Caramel. 

Great Skater Or Coach gift!

Deadline: Sun. April 7th, 2019