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Kendall Ice Arena
Miami, FL Presents 2023 Kendall Ice Arena Compete USA Competition Sunday, April 16, 2023
Entry deadline:
Thu, Mar 16, 2023
11:59 PM (US/Eastern)
Kendall Ice Arena 2023 Kendall Ice Arena Compete USA Competition
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competition announcement:

Welcome to the 2023 Compete USA Basic Skills Series at Kendall Ice Arena

There will be three competitions in the Series that will be held at Palm Beach SkateZone, Kendall Ice Arena, and Pines Ice. You are only signing up for the second competition at Kendall. 

Results and Point Standings:

As usual all results  and point standings will be posted on the official series website at: http://www.basicskillsflorida.com

COMPETITION INFORMATION AND UPDATES:  Please refer to the competition announcement  AND  the official competition website at basicskillsflorida.com for time sensitive updates and specific arena information about competition procedures. There will be an email advisory update sent to all competitors and coaches approximately one week before the competition.


Skaters Skaters Coaches Administrators

Attention Parents, Skaters and Coaches: Please read the Competition Package with your Coach before registering for events!

IMPORTANT: The entry fee is $100 and includes a required Music Program Event and either an Elements or Compulsory event. Additional events may be entered for an additional fee.



If you want to compete in both a program with music and a compulsory/elements event, you must select both.  The second event will be $0.00 so the total you pay is $100.00 for two events

The Series  Final Standings Point Trophy Rules: are outlined in detail in the competition Announcement located at top left. Please read the competition rules in detail before signing up for your events.

Skaters who enter the correct events in all three Series competitions will be eligible for Final Point Standings and be awarded a Trophy based on their Final Point Trophy Competition Standings Result.