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Lilac City FSC
Spokane, WA Presents 2019 PNIC Championships/Jo Williams Memorial Championships Thursday, July 11 - Saturday, July 13, 2019
Entry deadline:
Mon, Jun 10, 2019
8:00 PM (US/Pacific)
Lilac City FSC 2019 PNIC Championships/Jo Williams Memorial Championships
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competition announcement:

Late Entries are being accepted now through Sunday June 16 at 3pm PT.  No entries will be accepted after that time. ALL music and PPC forms must be submit by this deadline or will be assessed a $30 late fee.




All competitors must upload their music into EntryEeze at the time of entry- entry will not be considered final without music upload. ALL competitors are to have at rink side a backup music MP3 CDs only (NO CD-RWs, DVDs, or cell phones). Music must be recorded in a MP3 file.  All other formats will not play on the official music equipment.

PPC Forms - After the deadline (Juun 10, 2019)  will be assessed a $30 late fee and you will be required to complete the form at the registration desk.  The PPC form is a mandatory requirement to compete for all IJS Events.

For Intermediate-Senior this is a combined event.  In other words you automatically are entered into  both Short and Freeskate, no option.

PNIC competition uses the  same structure as Regionals with the exception that qualifying rounds will consist of both the Short Program  and Free Skate Program and final round (if needed) will be just the Free Skate Program.


Skaters Skaters Coaches Administrators

Showcase Events

will be performed in the same manner as National Showcase with a curtain and spotlights.

Duets are set up as a team event – that means one person registers, give the “team” a name, and pays for the entire team and puts the two skaters on the roster. Skaters cannot sign up as individual skaters