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Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club
Santa Rosa, CA Presents 2017 National Showcase Wednesday, August 9 - Sunday, August 13, 2017
Entry deadline:
Fri, Jul 14, 2017
9:15 AM (US/Pacific)
Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club 2017 National Showcase
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2017 National Showcase Competition Announcement and Technical Information



This is the correct wording for the technical announcement, page 4, Group Sizes and Final Rounds:


Maximum sizes of initial rounds will be 18 contestants. Events exceeding 18 contestants will include a final round to determine a champion for that event. With two groups, the four highest placed skaters will compete in the final; with three or four groups, the three highest placed skaters; with five or six groups, the two highest placed; with more than six groups, the winners only. Initial and final rounds will skate in random order. 

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Merchandise sales through entryeeze is now closed.   We may have a limited number of programs avilable for purchase at registration so if you missed your chance please ask at registration. 


PRODUCTION AND MINI PRODUCTION PRACTICE ICE IS LIMITED TO ONE SESSION PER TEAM.  There are only the exact number of slots as there are teams registered in the competition.  A few teams had registered for more than one session and this has been corrected.  Sessions unsold by the 12 noon deadline on August 5th, may be offered for purchase on a first come first served basis at registration.  

Practice Ice Sessions are shown in Blue in the Schedule.

Music - Singles, Music - Duets (Warm up) practice ice sessions are spotlight practices where skaters will skate their program by themselves with props. 

Regular - Singles and Duets practice ice sessions are 20 minute open sessions, no music played and no props.

Production and Mini- Production practice ice sessions are exclusive sessions with 1 team on the ice at a time - music will be played, props are permitted.