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Hershey Figure Skating Club
Hershey, PA Presents 2020 Hershey Open Wednesday, August 12 - Saturday, August 15, 2020
Entry deadline:
Fri, Jul 3, 2020
12:00 PM (US/Eastern)
Hershey Figure Skating Club 2020 Hershey Open
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The competition will begin at approximately 1 p.m. on Thursday, August 13 and end Saturday afternoon, August 15. 

All entries are from PA, OH, NJ, MD, DC, VA, DE. 

If possible, please do not travel to areas of high virus outbreaks during the two weeks prior to the competition.  If you must travel, do so with care. 

The PA Governor has asked that all Pennsylvanians who have visited certain states--include Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia should quarantine for 2 weeks. We are aware that for DE and North Carolina (Myrtle Beach), they are referring to beach areas with outbreaks. If you have not traveled with care to these areas, we request that you consider staying home if you have visited these types of areas in the 2 weeks prior to the competition.  We know you are probably training anyway, but be considerate of your fellow skaters. 

Refunds (except for the processing fee) are available for those who are experiencing COVID symptoms (with doctor's note) or who have a family member likewise with COVID. Refunds will also be available if the PA Governor prohibits entries from your state.

Practice-ice selection
Skaters, you may reserve/update your practice-ice sessions beginning
Wednesday, July 15   at   8:00 AM  US/Eastern.
Practice-ice sales
Skaters, you may purchase practice-ice sessions beginning
Friday, July 24   at   8:00 AM  US/Eastern.
Skaters Skaters Coaches Administrators

We are very excited for this year's competition and are working diligently to ensure compliance with CDC, state, local, and USFS guidelines to ensure safety and proper protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This will mean changes for our officials, volunteers, skaters, coaches, and spectators and we will do our best to communicate these changes to you as soon as possible, even as protocols change up to the last minute.

Temperature checks and a COVID health questionnaire will occur on entry to the Hersheypark property. 

Masks will be required for all coaches, spectators, and skaters when in the arena.  Skaters will be able to take off masks while on the ice competing, and for practice and warm up, if social distancing occurs.

Only the skater and coach are allowed on ice level, with the exception that skaters 12 and under may have a parent downstairs for assistance. Parent must then return to the stands. 

For many events and for all back-to-back practice ice sessions, we will assign a particular ice entrance for skaters. For practice ice, coaches will remain at the center ice entrance, at designated spaces in the hockey boxes (5 to each side).  Skaters will enter either through an entrance to the left or the right side of the arena. This is to avoid crowding during the practice ice session and during switch over during back-to-back sessions. 

Practice ice has been limited to 10 skaters at a time. 

Warm ups consist of small numbers of skaters as well.